Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Thanks to my friend Rachel

Thanks to my friend Rachel Rusticus @ Creatively Redeeming Her,  www.creativelyredeemingher.blogspot.com , my blog looks more like me and I can actually publish my first post.  Yay!  Thank you so much.  Took away my fears.  Well some of them, lol.

I finished a Camping 2012 Mini Book that I made last year, but just now put the pictures in. As a newbie blogger I thought it would be so hard to post the pics to go along with it.  But I think it is working.  Here is the first pic showing the entire mini book.  These pics are off my cell phone so I will have to work on using my other camera.

These next pics are of each page.  It is bound with twine which makes it more rustic.
Front Cover
My granddaughter with SOME of her fish.
Just some card board that I distressed.
My granddaughter and I after she was swimming in the freezing lake.
My grandson who didn't want to go into the freezing lake.
My hubby and grandson.
My daughter and niece cooking in the kitchen. LOL And my grandpups laying in the dining room.

The pics are of my family and this is really camping.  The only water close by is in jugs and the rushing river right behind our camp. My husband and I always took our 4 sons camping when they were young and now they bring their families and we still go camping together.  Life doesn't get much better than that.  Not many pictures of the kids, somehow the grandkids always ended up in front of the lens.  LOL.

Last pic is with the tags out in front of the mini.

Thanks for stopping by.